Over Yonder Farms
Keenesburg, Colorado

It’s Not Just Farming To Us
We want to develop relationships and encourage sustainable farming on a small scale.  We have four micro-farms on our 40 acres.  We rotational graze our sheep on our back 25 acres.  Next, our Kune Kune pigs, egg-layers, and weed eaters (goats) are rotational grazed on smaller paddocks.  Also, we rotationally graze our Red Ranger broiler chickens on our side pasture.  We do not spray or irrigate any of our pasture.  Our animals work the land as mother nature intended them.  Finally, we market garden vegetables in a 6000 sqft USDA approved high tunnel to decrease soil erosion. 

We raise grass fed, no antibiotics, Royal White and Katahdin sheep.  Our sheep are rotational grazed throughout the spring, summer and fall.  We feed them alfalfa in the winter due to our cold and dry climate. The supplemental feeding gives our pastures time to regenerate.
We raise a smaller heritage breed of hogs known as Kune Kune.  Our pigs graze on fresh grass and are fed residual vegetables from our farm.
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PO Box 556
Keenesburg, Colorado 80643

Pasture raised, NON-GMO, grass fed, pork, lamb, and chicken.